The Aubri Brown Club offers a variety of Practical services to families during their time of grief.  Each service has been thoughtfully considered for these families based on personal experience.

Grocery delivery where service is available
During my time of grief, one area that was extremely difficult to handle was grocery shopping.  I know it seems trivial, but here I was, shortly after Aubri died, standing in the middle of the baby aisle bawling my eyes out. The baby food, the infant diapers – all the items I used to buy for Aubri, I realized all too painfully that I no longer needed.  Those moments were devastating, but ones that friends and family often don’t consider.  Though getting on with life is important, for me and others out there, this was one I needed to delay.

Weekly Cleaning Services
For those of you who have prided yourselves on keeping a clean home, like I have, this arduous task can seem like slaying a giant during a time of grief.  Those in and around us during that terrible time always seemed to pick up here and there and lend a helping hand when I needed it most. For that, I will forever be grateful.

Meal Delivery where service is available
Almost two years ago while visiting my sister Angi after the birth of her fifth child (yes, her fifth!), a group of her friends and family had organized meal delivery for her and her family for an ENTIRE month.  Not only did they deliver enough food for the six people in her home, but also for those who might be at the house visiting, which in our fortunate situation, was us!  The stress to provide a home-cooked and healthy meal was lifted during this busy time.  My sister was allowed to spend her time focused on her many other responsibilities and I knew right then that this was a service I wanted to help provide for our families during their stressful time of grief.

The Aubri Brown Club offers Emotional Support, when desired, and encourages families to not overlook the emotional strain tragedy can cause on a marriage and each family member.  Since each family’s structure, beliefs and experiences are different, we will do our best to meet the needs of each family.

Financial support is another way in which The Aubri Brown Club can help grieving families.  The reality surrounding death is that there is not only an emotional cost, but also a financial one.  Areas in which we can help financially include:

1.        Uninsured medical costs relating to child’s death
2.        Funeral and burial costs