Why Give?
By giving your time and/or money, we can comfort families who’ve lost a child. Some families need financial help with medical expenses, funeral expenses and possibly counseling for grieving family members. Losing a child is a terrible experience and with the loss come many obstacles along the path of healing. We want to be there as best we can to help families along this tough road ahead. The more we raise the more we can help!

Who Qualifies?
Any family who has lost a child between the ages of birth and 17 over the last 12 months can submit an application for assistance. We have some thoughts on what families might need having lost a child ourselves, but we are also open to hearing the needs of all applicants and realize that every story is a personal one. Let us know your story and needs as we want to help if at all possible. Our goal is to help directly or point you in the direction of someone who can.

Online Donations
If you wish to donate online, please enter the amount in the box to the right , and click “Donate”. We are thankful for your contribution and your involvement in The Aubri Brown Club.